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Fida joins the EU-CORD Network


At the end of this year, Fida joined the European network of collaborating Christian relief and development organisations. This brings more opportunities for mutual learning, joint projects and making an impact together.

Established in 1997, EU-CORD is a network of Christian development cooperation and humanitarian aid organisations in Europe. The network currently has 23 member organisations.
The aim of EU-CORD is to decrease poverty and inequality and resulting suffering, as well as to enable the voice of people living in poverty to be heard.

It aims to achieve this by increasing collaboration between member organisations and by sharing its skills and knowledge. In addition, the network undertakes lobbying at the EU level with the aim of strengthening the funding received from the EU and other resources for the work of the member organisations.

The member organisations share a common evangelical background. EU-CORD expects its members to comply with common quality principles, such as the International Red Cross Code of Conduct and the so-called Istanbul principles for Civil Society Organisations Development Effectiveness.

The collective voice is louder

Fida was a member for a few years in the early 2010's before resigning from EU-CORD. Fida's CEO, Harri Hakola, is happy about the decision to re-join as a member.

- There are a lot of skills in EU-CORD. By collaborating with them we can do more and learn from each other, Harri Hakola says.

According to Harri Hakola, Fida can capitalise on its lengthy presence in many countries. For its part, Fida would like to utilise the broad skills in lobbying that EU-CORD has.

- Our collective voice is louder when we lodge appeals or lobby for our shared causes.

Humanitarian aid collaboration in Iraq

Fida's Development Program Coordinator Ismo Salerto is also excited about the EU-CORD collaboration and its benefits.

- EU-CORD provides a window for us to update our development cooperation and humanitarian aid issues. The network enables us to follow the direction, discussion and current trends in EU politics.

Ismo Salerto also mentions the many opportunities for training provided by the large network.

- This improves our ability to develop Fida's strategic themes. For example, we will have expertise in the EU structures both in the field and in Finland.

Fida already collaborates with member organisations of the EU-CORD.

Fida works with the Dutch agency ZOA which provides humanitarian aid in Kurdistan in Iraq. A joint project application has been lodged with the Swedish organisation IAS.

There is also regular contact with the Swedish Pentecostal Movement PMU, which works in the Congo Democratic Republic, among other places.

- Just this December, Fida received training in lobbying from the Dutch organisation Woord en Daad, Ismo Salerto adds.


Published: 29.12.2017