Fida Development

Humanitarian Partnership Forums

In May 2010 an EU/ECHO funded Humanitarian Capacity Training was initiated in Fida with its purpose on disaster prevention in developing countries that are prone to disasters. The training entity was called Humanitarian Partnership Forums.

A needs survey was conducted together with partners from target countries and areas. Information was collected previously in Dsisaster Risk Reduction trainings. Fida works in close cooperation with local partners and the training programme existed partly due to the initiative of the local partners.

Since September 2010 the trainings were conducted in Nepal, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Ethiopia, Kenya and Burundi and there were participants from additional 11 developing countries in which Fida has gained humanitarian experience over the years.

Although the aid agencies' input at times of humanitarian crises is vital, more effective results are attained by preventive training of the local actors and population living in areas subject to disasters. Special attention should be paid to the assistance for vulnerable people such as pregnant women, children, elderly, people living with disabilities or hiv/aids.

The five-month participatory training covered a wide scale of different disasters, preparation for disasters and operation at times of disasters. During the training the participants conducted a disaster preparedness plan that is to be implemented if a disaster occurs. A web-based learning environment was also applied in the trainings. During the training one-week seminars were held twice and in between them there was a period of self-learning which took place in the web-based learning environment and in practice.

The participants of the capacity trainings included representatives of local NGOs, Fida's partners and other humanitarian organisations. The objective was to educate approximately 200 trainers who will be able to share the humanitarian knowhow they have gained in the trainings.

The training programme was coordinated from Finland in cooperation with regional programme personnel and national contact personnel.