Fida Development

Donors and other Partners

Fida has a Programme Support Agreement with its main donor, the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland (MFA). Fida was one of the first NGOs in Finland to receive funding from the MFA (1974) and has been receiving the government support since then.

The Government of Finland has approved of Fida's new Programme plan for 2015-2017. Fida has received funding from the European Commission for development cooperation and has a partnership agreement with the European Commission Humanitarian Aid Office (ECHO).

Fida is a member of several Finnish and international organisations:

On global level Fida works with local partners, churches, other NGO's and local authorities. The wide network of local grass-root-level partners is one of the success factors behind Fida's work.


The United Nation's Millennium Declaration

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights

The Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland (MFA)