Fida Development

Humanitarian Aid Projects

Supporting internally displaced persons in Democratic Republic of Congo

The humanitarian situation in the Eastern Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) remains extremely worrying. Approximately 2.6 million people are internally displaced, and most of them in the Eastern part of the country. Fida, together with its local partners delivers humanitarian aid to the most vulnerable people such as children, women, people with disabilities and old people. The aid consists of different components from delivering Non-Food Items to ensure protection, improving food security by distributing agriculture tools and seeds, and giving psychosocial support especially for children.

Helping the earthquake victims in Nepal

After the earthquake of spring 2015, Fida provides emergency assistance, supports the recovery of small villages and continuation of schooling for children. The people worst affected by the earthquake are the poor and marginalised casteless people groups, who were already doing it tough.

Assisting Syrian refugees in Jordania and North Irak

Supporting Ethopia drought and malnutrition areas