Fida Development

South Asia

Projects and programmes in South Asia region:

Creative minds - Busy Fingers | Bhutan

Regional Coordination and Capacity Building Programme | South Asia

Community Capacity Development Programme | India

Community Capacity Development Initiative (CCDI) | India

Mumbai Slum Community Development Programme | India

Community Development and Capacity Building Program | India

Holistic Community Development Programme | Nepal

Maithili Empowerment Programme | Nepal

Youth Centre Programme | Nepal

No Child Left Behind | Nepal

Water, Sanitation and Hygiene Project (WASH) | Nepal

Empowering Partner for Community Development | Pakistan

Slum Community Development Project in Dhaka | Bangladesh

Cherish life, Treasure the Health - Health Education & Development for Women and Children in Rural Villages of Kashgar Prefecture | China

Child Centred Community Owned Restored Development [3CORD] | Sri Lanka

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