Fida Development

Development Cooperation Programme

The work of Fida aims at sustainable development in developing countries through transformed people and transformed communities.

Fida's basic tasks are

  • Development cooperation 
  • Humanitarian aid
  • Child sponsorship
  • Development information and education
  • Training both in Finland and in target countries

Fida has a partnership agreement with the Ministry for Foreign affairs of Finland (MFA). Funded by MFA, Fida carries out 41 development cooperation projects in 24 countries (2016-17) together with its local partners. Fida's development work is estimated to reach over 1.5 million people annually.

The Fida Development Cooperation Programme 2016-2017 works in seven regions and is administered by a global support programme.

Follow the links to read more on the regional programmes (depictions 2017):

Middle East and Central Asia

Eastern Africa

East Asia

South Asia

Southeast Asia