Fida Development

Child Sponsorship Programme

The purpose of Fida's Child Sponsorship Programme is to improve the living conditions of the children in developing countries. Through the programme Finnish people are provided with an opportunity to help the children of the developing countries and get information about the concrete needs in developing countries.

In practice, a connection between the beneficiary of the developing country and a sponsor is built by providing regular information on the child and the programme and enabling correspondence between the sponsor and the child.

Often new sponsorship projects are started as an element of Fida's development cooperation projects. Child sponsorship should be an essential element of the project, and it should be planned into the project at the start of the planning cycle. The idea is that through the sponsored child the sponsor can see what is happening through the project in the community.  

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Fida works according to the ethical guidelines of Finnish child sponsorship organisations that are based on the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child. In addition Fida has a Child Protection Policy for Child Sponsorship Programme.

The roots of Fida's child sponsorship work go back to the 1960's when Aune Hyny started collecting personal donations in Finland to benefit orphans in India. The work has gradually developed to a more organised form of work. Currently there are approximately 10, 000 children in 25 projects in Albania, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Bangladesh, Cambodia, Colombia, Ethiopia, India, Kenya, Kosovo, Nepal, Tanzania, Thailand and Uganda benefiting from Fida Child Sponsorship programme.