Fida Development

Fida presents: Stories of Transformation

Preschool is so much fun, knows Caroline, 6 years, who goes to preschool owned by Free Pentecostal Church of Tanzania. Caroline's mother, who is a single mom, is pleased. She believes that going to school opens doors for a brighter future for her gifted daughter. Watch a short document on Caroline on Youtube.



Helena John is a mother and a farmer from Sanzibar. She remembers a time, when her kids cried themselves to sleep because of hunger. It is all better now. Thanks to Fidas' Food Security Programme the crops have increased and there is even enough food to sell forward. Watch the video here.


Disability, marginalisation, prejudice - all the reasons for 16-year-old Jonathan to be hurt. But he is not discouraged. Receiving a wheel chair from Fida International Youth with Disabilities Community Programme gave this Tanzanian young man back his human dignity. Watch the video here.



Lukas Patrik is a priest and a peasant farmer living in Sanzibar, Tanzania. He is a widow and has lost his first born son. Previously his land didn't produce good crops and he often went to bed hungry. Thanks to Fidas' food security programme, he has been able to succesfully fight hunger. Watch the video here.



Regina Shembilu grew up in a poor and remote village in the countryside of Tanzania. Her relative adviced her to take classes on Fida Internationals' Youth Center. Education helped her to find a job and even start her own business. Watch the video here.